3 Healthy Veggies Recipes

Three simple vegetable recipes. (Healthy Veggies Recipes)You know, when people talk about vegetables they’re kind of the afterthought of food. Unless you’re a healthy eater. I’m going to show you three of these dishes, the first one being broccoli. Broccoli is great antioxidant.

Broccoli orange slaw

It is beautifully green and vibrant and is a lot of chlorophyll, the green colour. So obviously anything green is great for us. So we’re going to start with broccoli that all I’ve done is taken the broccoli off the head into small pieces. I blanched it in boiling salted water for about two minutes. Refreshed it in cold water, and that’s what we have here. But we’re going take it to a different level. We’re going to add grapes that have just been cut in half, you can use black or white grapes. We’re going to use the egg yolk, the white of the egg, and we’ve separated both of them in case you don’t want to use them. But I’m going to show you how we can separate them. Really simple. We have a hard-boiled egg. We cut it in half, remove the yolk. So we’ve got yolk and whites. Either grate the yolk, like so. Grated yolk. Or I grate the white and just use the white. The white being the highest protein value.

We’re adding seeds. Any type of seeds you like. Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, whatever you like. But here’s where the kicker comes in. I’m going to take a little olive oil, some rice wine vinegar, or any type of vinegar, and just mix it together. What I’m doing here is forming a dressing. A little pinch of salt. Pinch of black pepper. If I wanted to, like, heat it up I can either cumin powder. I could add some sambal oelek, which is a chilli, a sweet and sour hot sauce, or sriracha. Going to take a little orange juice. Again, we’re looking for all those depths of flavors. Thickens up nicely. Into our bowl of goodness there. All our eggs, our grapes. Mix this up together. Now we got the dressing in there, I’ve got the grapes in there. A great vegetable dish. Blanch the vegetables beginning of the week. Make them as we need them when we come home. We present this dish really simply. Vibrant protein, great vegetables, great salad. Done. Kids are going to love this because it’s simple, it’s crunchy. And we look for texture. Sweetness from the grapes, texture from the broccoli, and that great protein from the egg whites and egg yolks.

Pesto carrot salad

The next dish I’m going to show you is a carrot salad. A cold carrot salad, fresh carrots. Now if you don’t see carrots with the ends on, and you see them in them little bags that have been spun around in a potato peeler, because that’s why they look all the same shape and size, don’t use them. I want you to take these. Peel them down, cut them into bite-sized pieces like I have here. Again, we just blanched these, boiling salted water until they’re crisp. Refresh them in cold water so they’re cold. Then I’m going to do something really cool, I’m going to make a little pesto using marcona nuts. You can use almonds, you can use walnuts, you can use any type that you like. Some cilantro. Grapeseed oil. So what you’re seeing there is very pure. Little pepper, little salt. A little bit more oil. The idea is to get the protein from the nuts. If the nuts are not completely crushed, that’s OK. There’s a good point of having texture here. The texture comes from the nuts because remember the carrots are already pre-blanched. So they’re going to be soft and tender. Add my pesto. Stir all together. Taste. I’ve got creaminess, I’ve got the earthiness of the herbs, and I’ve got the texture of the nuts. Watch this. Again, taking a plain, boring carrot and making it super special. A carrot dish there that any child, any adult that has no time to produce food because we’re all so busy doing our work, going to the gym, picking the kids up, all those things that get in the way of cooking. Simple, effective, and healthy.

Creamy beet salad (3 Healthy Veggies Recipes )

Here’s one that I really love to do. I’m a huge fan of beetroot. Beets when they’re roasted in aluminium or boiled. They got such a great earthiness, great potassium, and they make great, great salads. So we’ve already cut the beets up, we’ve roasted the beets. And this is what a beet looks like that you don’t see in a can. Pretty cool, right? All we need to do is take a knife and dice the beets up. Into a bowl all ready to go. We’re going to take some sour cream. Into a bowl. We’re going to take some orange juice into the same bowl with sour cream, and we’re going to use the skin of the orange. The essential oils that come out of the skin are amazing. But here’s a key. You can see if I show you this orange here, there’s a white piece in the middle, then surrounded by the orange flesh, and then the actual segments in the middle. The key here is not get the white pith, that’s bitter. And we don’t want that. Again, texture and looks. Beets. Into a bowl. Just add a little bit there. Add a little dressing. Again healthy, simple. Mix together. Now obviously we have a white dressing and a red beet. So what’s going to happen? It’s going to turn into a blush color. And you can see that happening right there. Straight onto the plate. Now look at that vibrant color. Isn’t that beautiful? Beets, orange segments on top. Some cilantro, parsley mixed, the green. Little bit of pepper on top. There you have a beautiful beet dish fit for a king, made in seconds that’s healthy, it’s simple, and has great flavor. Thank You >

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